Providing fresh water, anywhere
Portable, Potable Water, Anywhere
fast set up even in remote areas
supplying armed forces camps

Portable, Potable
Water, Anywhere

Fresh water supply
Requench harvests potable water from the air, even in arid conditions - so can be used to provide drinking water in any location
Requench container
Requench produces up to 200 litres of potable water per hour and are easily transportable – housed in a ISO 20 foot container
Requench water condensing performance
Requench can provide potable water in virtually all remote areas, and performs even in harsh arid environments
Industrial Water condenser

Requench water harvesting technology Improved efficiency for higher water yields

Requench uses water harvesting technology to condense potable water from the atmosphere. Requench technology operates at a higher efficiency than conventional condensing technology by recycling waste cool air from the process. This yields 30% higher water output.
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